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Dropout Rate

The dropout rate is calculated annually and reflects the number of seventh– twelfth grade students who drop out in any one school year. A dropout is any student who exits school between October 1 and September 30 with a dropout EXIT code AND does not re-enroll in school by September 30.

The KIDS EXIT codes that count towards the dropout rate include:

  • 14: Discontinued schooling
  • 16: Moved within the US, not known to be continuing
  • 17: Unknown
  • 19: Transfer to GED Completion Program
  • 20: Transfer to a juvenile or adult correctional facility where educational services are not provided

The dropout rate is not the inverse of the graduation calculation for two specific reasons:

  1. The annual dropout rate is calculated using one year of data while the graduation rate is calculated using four years of data.
  2. The dropout rate is calculated on seventh-twelfth grade students while the graduation rate is calculated on a cohort of ninth-twelfth grade students.

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