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Medicine Lodge Grade School

320 N Walnut St.
Medicine Lodge, KS

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USD 254

Grade Range: K-6, Special Ed. 3 & 4,PK, 4yr. old at risk
Title 1 Status: Title 1 School
Accreditation Status: Accredited
Annual Meaningful Differentiation
Phone: (620) 886-5608


Building: 299
District: 483
State: 486649

ESSA Long Term Goals Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement % Proficient
Goal = 75%

  • N-Size = *To protect student privacy, when a subgroup has fewer than 30 students the data is not displayed.

ESSA Long Term Goals Academic Achievement - All Subgroups

Organization Level School Year Subgroup Percent Proficient


Additional Information

ESSA Long Term Goals Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement: By 2030 75% of all students, which includes each subgroup, will be performing at the two highest academic performance levels of 3 or 4 on both the English Language Arts and Math State Assessments. The percent of students for all applicable groups at levels 3 and 4 will be reported annually to measure progress toward the goal.
  • Slight differences occur due to the exclusion of non-tested students.

ESSA Long Term Goals Academic Achievement Resources

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